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“Leaders In Government Are Sucking The Wealth Of South Africa!” – Edward Zuma

“South African leaders don’t care about their people, but they are thieves sucking the wealth of Mzansi. Identifying that the brutal and greedy leaders of the country are in government and several structures of the country”, President Jacob Zuma’s son, Edward Zuma remarks. He said that these leaders have used the government to gather huge wealth for themselves at the expense of service delivery and the alleviation of poverty.

The Treasury Of Blocking Progress Edward in his letter explained that the greedy leaders carry out their evil deeds of milking the nation via various means like “government tenders and empire building through their relationships with white monopoly capital.” Zuma’s son said he’s been trying to warn the country about “people like Johann Rupert and others.”

He said: “these greedy people…are thieves who are sucking the wealth of this country using their relationships with these leaders who in return have business interests in almost everything that is profit-making…

“Pravin Gordhan our much loved Finance Minister has shares everywhere and there are those that don’t see anything wrong with that but rather turn a blind eye because the country is being threatened by the unprogressive and questionable rating agencies.” He added that “there are more like Pravin and company” who have gone silent and staying away from the public; but, have “unleashed their dogs to bite” those that won’t stop questioning their deeds.

Charging that the evil deeds of these leaders must be exposed at all cost, Edward wrote: “…They are hiding behind the poor people of this country. They have and are continuing to sell and privatize state owned enterprises and companies to their friends and masters and they again hide behind profitability‚ yet they deliberately run down these institutions so as to sell to their friends or children as has been seen at the SAA debacle etc.

“They tried to sell SAA to a company where Gordhans relative or daughter has interests‚ what a coincidence‚ and that plan is still on led by Pravin himself. I want the public to ask them where is the state mining company and what happened to its CEO Percy Khoza a lot will be revealed on the latter should the public have an interests.”

Afterwards, he alleged that some government programs have been stopped because the Finance Minister and the Treasury have refused to pay for them claiming that certain individuals want to loot the treasury. That, to Zuma’s son, amounts to sabotage.

“…Such lunatics should be fired from service as they only work hard to defend their personal interests in business…,” he declared. Edward specified that the Digital Migration Project is being frustrated by the treasury because their preferred companies did not get the contracts. More-so, Mr Zuma ordered FW de Klerk to “shut up and enjoy the cash he stole from government.”

He expressed that De Klerk administration was all about corruption and looting. And, that the former leader stole “money to buy an island under his Greek wife.” Whit that, he demanded of De Klerk to stop fooling South Africans by accusing the wrong persons and diverting focus his criminal deeds.

“We will not stop telling the truth even if you threatened me with legal course so be it as long as the truth will be revealed for all to see. So, I will be awaiting summons from those that are stealing from the poor. “These people should be seen and known by the public as they are now quiet and watching what is happening and how safe are their interests in all that is to happen, that’s how shrewd they are…,” finished Edward Zuma.


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