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For Ladies: How To Keep Your Bre@st Area Fresh And Healthy

Br3ast area is one of the most unhygienic areas in our body if not kept well. If you’re a woman you know very well what your b00bs have to go through whole day. Tight bras, under b00b sweat, sweat between your br3asts and itching are all common and almost inevitable but do you know how much harm does it cause to you?

If not cleaned well the area might end up becoming a perfect breeding ground for germs, which may cause skin irritation, marks and breakouts.

Regular bath and keeping the area moisture-free: This might seem trivial but it is important. Not taking a proper and regular bath is a no-no. And when you’re taking bath pay special attention to the area under and in between the b00bs as these places tend to perspire and thus cleaning them regularly is a must. Also, make sure the area is dry as moisture tends to attract germs too.

Use cotton bras: With the advent of a whole new generation of bras, there are a lot of options in the stores. When it comes to cleanliness and well being of your br3ast area, choose cotton bras over other fabric bras. Cotton tends to absorb maximum sweat keeping your fresh all day long.

Wear well fitting bras: This is a point that is always disregarded by most women. Wearing well- fitting bras is as important as wearing bras. Ill-fitting bras will lead to skin irritation. In fact, according to research, you should have two sets of bras of two different sizes . One set to be used before your periods and the other after that. It is because the size of your br3asts tends to change before you are about to get your periods.

Don’t sleep with your bra on and keep changing it time to time: One should avoid sleeping with their bras. Not only does it affects the shape of your br3asts, wearing the same bra for so long will lead to more germs. Keep changing your bras from time to time especially if you are someone who works out/travels extensively.

Use anti-fungal dusting powder: This powder will keep germs away. If you have a day full of activities and no time to change your bra you should definitely apply.


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