Ladies, Here are 6 Reasons to Wear Flats on Your Wedding Day

High heels

Some brides feel obligated to wear high heels on their big day. There are no fashion rules which specify any such rules.

Everybody knows wedding days are stressful; the bride is always busy as she tries to make sure her family, friends, and guests are welcomed and satisfied. She is thanking them and taking selfies, attending to the needs of the hired hands and taking control of the overall management of the event.

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Parading about the venue in high heels all day can hurt your feet. Choosing flat shoes is ideal because your shoes are invisible.

Some brides feel obliged to wear high heels on their big day. There are no fashion rules which specifies any such rules.

Here are six arguments against going for high heels on your wedding day.

  • Comfortability is paramount when it comes to choosing your shoes. Wedding days are assumed to be long, and you don’t want to walk about unevenly in front of your family, friends and guests. And you don’t want blisters!

  • You and your sweetheart are expected to show off your dance moves in a harmonious choreography but if you wear heels, chances are you will be  fretting too much about falling down from your tower.

  • Wedding high heels are extremely expensive.

  • Chances are that you will not wear your wedding high heels again. However, flat shoes will match with any casual outfits, very comfy and stylish as well.

  • Walking in high heels is not easy especially when you are the center of attention, wearing your long gown walking down the aisle. To avoid any missteps and embarrassment on your wedding day, opt for flat shoes.

  • Wearing flats will make your husband look taller if both are of the same height in your wedding photos.


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