For Ladies: 5 Simple Tips To Get The Perfect Bra For Small B00bs

It’s a common misconception that small b00bs don’t require as much support as big ones. Irrespective of how big or small your br3asts are, unwanted jiggling and sagging is a common problem that only a well-fitted bra can fix.

If your cup size is A or B, it can be a struggle to find a bra that actually fits you and does justice to your small br3asts. After endless trial and error, I have found that by keeping these fivethings in mind, you can find the right bra for yourself.

1. Insist on getting fitted: When you go bra shopping, don’t just ask for the same old cup size you have been wearing forlong. Just because you’re not well endowed, it doesn’t mean there haven’t been changes in your breasts size over the last six months or so.

2.The side band should fit snugly: When you’re trying on the bra, don’t just look for cute patterns or a specific colour. Observe how the band fits around your back. It should feel snug but if it feels too tight, you might need to opt for a bigger size. The last thing you want is for the band to ride all the way up your back.

3. Watch out for the side b00b: As a small chested woman, you mostly won’t have any cleavage but that does not mean you stick to cup A or B. You need to check if the cup is providing adequate support and also covering the sides or your breasts if you want to avoid the dreaded gap between the cup and your b00bs.

4. Always opt for adjustable straps: One of the most annoying problems is when your bra strap keeps falling off your shoulder. While buying the bra, go for the ones with straps that are tight enough. You can check them by putting two fingers under the straps and pulling them. If it stretches beyond that, go for another bra or adjust the straps according to your comfort.

5. Go for a lightly padded bra: Padded bras are a blessing for women with small b00bs. They make your b00bs look fuller and also help in making it look like you have some cleavage. However, select a bra that does not have thick padding but just enough to conceal your nipples. Go for a thick cotton fabric instead of thickly padded cups for a better fit.


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