For Ladies: 4 Reasons Why You Should Date Intelligent Guys

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There are many things that women look for when deciding to enter into a relationship with a man. For some, it’s a specific physical feature or the other, and for some others, what makes them fall for a man has little to do with the looks and more with intelligence and smartness.

If you fall within this category, here are reasons why such guys are terrific for you. If you have not really considered dating such guys, the reasons listed below will surely make you have a rethink.

They know a lot

Intelligent guys know a thing about everything. Your conversation with them could be about anything and they’ll just flow into it easily – even fashion and women’s clothing!

This works well for communication and increases the chances that you never run of stuff to talk about.

And in the instance where you have scholarly parents, you can introduce them to your parents and never have to fear that they’ll be blown apart by your parents’ intellectual conversations.

First impressions do last really long, you know.

They are often nice guys

Can you imagine a glass-wearing, nerdy-like guy being mean and rough with a woman?

Did you say no? Exactly.

There might be exceptions here and there but often times, these guys are nice people who are patient and understanding and gentle with women. [Except, you know, when being rough is exactly what is required.]

They are good listeners

This naturally flows from being good guys.

To even make it better, they are not only good listeners, they almost always have the best advice to offer.

Intelligent guys are emotionally stable

There’s even scientific proof for this.

According to a 2013 study published in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, emotional intelligence increases with IQ.

So, when a guy is really intelligent, you can bet on him being really emotionally intelligent and stable, too.

What this means is that you can trust him to have a better grasp of his emotions and you can depend on him when your own emotions seem to be failing you or getting the best of you.


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