King Mswati’s New Wife Unveiled

he new bride is currently in New York, where the king is attending the United Nations general assembly.

After weeks of speculation, Swaziland’s King Mswati the Third has officially unveiled a new bride, Siphelele Mashwama, 19, daughter of a Swaziland Cabinet minister, Jabulile Mashwama.

Siphelele(middle) at the reed dance after she was chosen by King Mswati the Third

Siphelele (middle) at the reed dance after she was chosen by King Mswati the Third

At the annual reed dance held last week, popularly known as the Umhlanga Annual Reed Dance, Siphelele was given red feathers known as emagwalagwala, a bird that is associated with the royal family, Mpumalanga News reported.

Siphelele is the 14th wife, including his other wives who left him.

King Mswati’ birth name is Makhosetive Dlamini, which means “King of Nations”.

When Mswati’s father, King Sobhuza II died, Mswati was only 14 years old. Because Mswati was still attending school at this time, two of his father’s queens (Queen Dzeliwe Shongwe, and Queen Ntombi Tfwala) stepped in as regent until Mswati could sit on the throne.


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