Jacob Zuma Will Have No Peace Until He Resigns: Juju

EFF leaders were physically removed from parliament after they refused to allow Zuma to answer parliamentary questions.

Speaking from outside the National Assembly after his ejection, Malema said Zuma would never find “peace” during his tenure.

“These bouncers must know that if they give violence, we will respond with violence. We’re not scared; we’re debating in parliament. Anyone who manhandles us must know we’ve got the same capacity,” Malema said.

“No one has a monopoly on violence. This parliament will never be the same.

“Zuma is not our president. The day he breached the constitution, that’s the day he kissed the office of president goodbye . ”

The EFF caucus formed a laager and fought back against the parliamentary security staff, singing the struggle song Senzeni na? (What have we done?)

Malema said Zuma’s administration wanted to ignore the Constitutional Court just as it had ignored the public protector.

The ANC has called for the criminal prosecution of EFF MPs, who damaged parliamentary property as they were being forcibly removed from the National Assembly.

A glass entrance door to parliament was shattered, furniture damaged and clothes torn as EFF MPs fought back against security staff in white shirts.

Parliament was in lockdown after the incident, with no one allowed back into the main building.

ANC caucus spokesman Moloto Mothapo said EFF MPs needed to be criminally charged.

“EFF MPs engaged in violent brawls with parliament’s protection officers and damaged the property of parliament,” said Mothapo.

“Today’s malicious damage to parliament’s property by these MPs, whose positions require them to remain honourable and exemplary to the rest of society, is particularly troubling in light of similar destruction of public properties across the country – including schools, universities and clinics .

“We urge parliament to immediately press criminal charges against the EFF MPs for the assault on the security staff of parliament and malicious damage to property.”

Later yesterday, Malema again encouraged landless people in Western Cape to occupy land by force.

He applauded hundreds of supporters in Kayamandi, Stellenbosch, for forcibly taking land where Nkanini informal settlement is situated.

“All of you who are occupying land by force, you must never get tired,” he said to loud applause.

He said when the EFF took power it would recognise the pieces of land forcibly taken.

Malema was in the township on the EFF campaign trail.

On Sunday and Monday he addressed residents of townships on the Cape Flats.


Source: Times Live


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