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Internet access in South Africa

Statistics South Africa has published its General household survey (GHS) 2014, which shows that almost half of South African households (48.7%) had at least one member who used the Internet.

Access to the Internet was highest in the Western Cape (62.1%), Gauteng (59.9%), and the Free State (48.7%). The lowest was in Limpopo (32.6%) and the Eastern Cape (37.4%).

One-tenth of South African households had access to the Internet at home. Access to the Internet in the home was highest in the Western Cape (23.8%) and Gauteng (17.3%).

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The GHS survey also found that there was a high amount access to telecommunications for households nationally.

Only 5% of households did not have access to either landlines or cellular phones in 2014. By comparison, 83.1% of households had access to at least one cellular phone.

12.6% of South African households had access to both a landline and a cellular phone. Only 0.2% of households had only a landline.


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