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So Inspiring!! Rebecca Malope Opens Up On How Brenda Fassie’s R10 Motivated Her To Sing


“Brenda came to Mpumalanga with Blondie. They had a concert at the community hall. We were these naughty little kids. We didn’t have money to pay so we sneaked in. We were those kids that gather outside. So, we ran in the hall and sat in the front. I was short and I was in the front. I wanted to see Brenda Fassie,” Rebecca explained.

Rebecca said that Brenda stopped her performance to say that if anyone could sing her next song she would give them R10.

“I ran to the stage, because I was right in front, and took the microphone and sang. And she gave me R10,” Rebecca added.

Rebecca said that the incident helped her realise that she really wanted to be a singer and she soon adopted much of what she saw in Brenda Fassie, including her stage trick of giving away money to those who would try their hand at singing her songs.

Check out her interview:

Rebecca is set to share her life story in a musical showcase called Angingedwa: This Is My Story at Carnival City in December, with a biography about her life set for next year.



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