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INSIDE: 8 Years Of Barack Obama In Photos

Last Night, President Barack Obama delivered his farewell speech after eight years in Office in his hometown of Chicago before handing power to Donald Trump next week.

For the last 8 years, Pete Souza has been the Official White House Photographer.

Over the course of President Obama’s two terms, Souza estimates he will have taken nearly 2 million photographs and has captured some incredibly powerful, heartfelt and poignant moments of the President over this time.

June 2013 – Obama hugs his daughter Sasha during a visit to Nelson Mandela’s former prison cell in South Africa. Image: © Pete Souza/The White House

October 2012 – President Barack Obama hugs Donna Vanzant, the owner of North Point Marina, as he tours damage from Hurricane Sandy in Brigantine, N.J. Image: © Pete Souza/The White House.

Oct 2009 – The president jostles with congressmen during a basketball game at the White House. Image: © Pete Souza/The White House

June 2015 – We were at the G7 Summit in Krün, Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel asked the leaders and outreach guests to make their way to a bench for a group photograph. The President happened to sit down first, followed closely by the Chancellor. I only had time to make a couple of frames before the background was cluttered with other people. Image: © Pete Souza/The White House

Oct 2012 – The president shows his fun side, playing the villain to a three-year-old Spider-Man. Image: © Pete Souza/The White House

April 2016 – President Barack Obama with First Lady Michelle Obama meets Prince George as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge watch at Kensington Palace in London. Image: © Pete Souza/The White House

August 2010 – President Barack Obama puts his toe on the scale as Trip Director Marvin Nicholson tries to weigh himself during a hold in the volleyball locker room at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas. Image: © Pete Souza/The White House

July 2009 – The president eats a nectarine after a town hall meeting in Virginia. Image: © Pete Souza/The White House


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