Innovative Technologies Helping South Africans (Video)

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“For so long, South Africa’s well-being has been defined by its world famous commodities- gold and diamonds, but its future rests on the vision, entrepreneurial-ism, creativity and industriousness of its  businesses and people”.

“The future will be defined by the ideas, products and services that South Africa exports to the rest of Africa and to the world. The future will be defined by the way South Africa harnesses its alternative energy resources while reducing its dependence on fossil fuels, how it cultivates and shepherds its natural resources and how it moves its industrial sector forward”.

“Sustainable growth through energy, manufacturing aided by transportation can provide the strong foundation for an economically prosperous and inclusive country. It can provide both the stability and momentum that encourages established businesses, new businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as ignite the next generation of ideas. What matters to South Africa now, is to step away from the inequality and uneven development of the past and to invest in new infrastructure and new skills as a catalyst for business and industrial opportunities” says,Keshin Govender, Head of Corporate Communications at Siemens South Africa.

Some of the positive innovations that are taking place in South Africa:

Keeping us moving

A new state-of-the art control centre for centralised rail traffic management called the Gauteng Nerve Centre was recently inaugurated. Consolidating the province’s eight existing passenger train control rooms into a single, high-tech “super” control centre that will act as Gauteng’s passenger signalling hub, the new operations control can monitor 600 trains and up to 500 000 passengers every day. This means better and more immediate response times to any operating failures, accidents and other incidents.

Keeping us powered up

Over the past couple of years, gas has become a popular source of electricity globally. It is low risk (financially and technically), it is dependable and flexible, and emits lower carbon emissions than other fossil fuels. It is also takes less time to build gas-fired plants than coal and nuclear plants. Adding gas-to-power generation to the South African energy mix will be a major driver of economic prosperity, adding billions of Rands to GDP whilst stimulating FDI – contributing towards the creations of thousands of direct and indirect jobs. Localisation in the gas sector will make a measurable difference to socio-economic development by boosting the number of empowered entrepreneurs.

Technology giant, Siemens is helping South Africa create a pathway to sustainable and inclusive growth by focusing on what matters most to the country’s development, its businesses and society as a whole. As a result, ‘Ingenuity for life’ is helping to drive the economy, encourage local job creation and skills development and improve quality of life.


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