Very Important!! Everything You Need To Know About V@ginal Fart

Va ginal flatulence, also known as a “queef,” is an emission of trapped air from the va gina. Some women have experienced passage of air or wind from the va gina that can create an audible noise, commonly known as queefing, and may be embarrassing. It can happening during sporting activities, s3xual intercourse or sometimes just from squatting.

Pelvic floor weakness, usually from childbirth, is the main culprit here. Air can get drawn or sucked into the vagina during any of the above mentioned activities, especially if the va ginal opening is wider or looser than what it had been previously. After the air is drawn in it becomes trapped in the upper va gina behind one of the vaginal walls that may be loose, such as from a mildly dropped bladder. Then during repositioning of the body, the air is pushed out the va gina creating a noise and sensation.

Pelvic floor muscle weakness is common. Many women already perform Kegel muscle exercises to help decrease the severity and incidence of urinary incontinence/leakage they experience. Similar pelvic floor muscle retraining can re-strengthen this part of the body. In addition, squeezing the thighs closed against a beach ball, or pushing the thighs out against resistance at the gym, also helps the pelvic floor.

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Weighted va ginal cones are different sized smooth cones that are placed in the va gina around which the woman squeezes in order to retain the cone. You begin with larger sizes and work your way down.

Sometimes placing a large tampon in the va gina while working out can block movement of air. It may also support the urethra just enough to prevent urinary incontinence as well during a workout, and trap urine within it to prevent wetting of underwear or workout clothes.

Significant pelvic floor weakness can be surgically corrected if significant. When the bladder, top of the va gina or rectum push into the va gina, causing pressure, or even push out the va gina, then it’s time to have a formal examination.


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