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Very Important!! Cancer Isn’t The Only Thing That Makes Your Bre@sts Feel Lumpy, See Other Reasons Why Your Bre@sts Can Feel Lumpy

Cancer isn’t the only thing that causes bump, apart from breast cancer, these factors can also make your breasts feel lumpy. Getting to know your breast tissue and being familiar with what is normal for you will help you know when something is abnormal.

Feeling a lump in your breasts can cause you to panic. But apart from cancer, there are many other reasons why your breasts can feel lumpy.

You have a blood clot in your vein:Although rare but Mondor disease can result in a lump in your breasts. This occurs as a result of blood clot beneath the skin in the vein in the breast region. While the condition can affect any area of your breasts, it mostly affects the outer sides of your nipples. You may feel a hardened chord-like lump in your breasts which can be painful. Vigorous exercise or wearing a bra that is too tight can lead to this condition. However, it is not dangerous and goes away on its own.

You have fibrosis: Fibrosis can cause changes in your breasts. Fibrosis is a fibrous collection of dense tissue that may feel rubbery, firm and hard which can get tender near your menstrual cycle. You should limit your intake of caffeine and nicotine as it can aggravate the condition.

You got your periods: Sometimes your periods can cause your breasts to swell and feel different. The hormonal changes during menstruation can exacerbate the changes in your br east tissue. So it is okay to feel bumps or lumps in your breasts during your menstrual cycle.

You have fibroadenoma: Fibroadenoma is one of the most common br east lump culprits. These are non-cancerous tumours made of connective breasts and glandular tissues which are most common in women in their twenties and thirties. While they can vary in size from microscopic to as big as an apricot, they can often feel rubbery and firm. While they are harmless, they can impact the shape of your breasts if they continue to grow. So consult your doctor to have them removed.

Your breasts are dense: Some women have dense breasts that can feel lumpy. Breasts are made up of a combination of connective tissue and fatty tissue. Women with denser breasts have less fatty tissue and more connective tissue. Premenopausal and postmenopausal women are more likely to have denser breasts.


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