If Your Partner Possesses These Traits, They’re A Keeper

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How do you know when to stop looking? Maybe you’ve found ‘the one’, but there’s some things that still scare the sh*t out of you when thinking about settling down.

You’re probably not the only one and the good news is that there is some things you can look out for to check if this may be the real thing. So, without further ado, here’s a list of six things that may prove he or she is ‘marriage material’:

  1. If he or she gives you space: Everybody needs their space and free time without their girlfriends tagging along everywhere. Most guys disappear when they are in a new relationship which is not good. Eventually, you are going to get bored spending your nights trapped with each other. You need your free time – give the bloke the chance to take a breather every now and then.
  2. If you and your partner share the same sense of humour your good to go.There’s nothing like being in a relationship where you can’t laugh together – it will never work. Choose a partner who makes you laugh, adds to your jokes and maybe even top your jokes. It just calls for good times.
  3. Find ‘the one’ that shares the same taste in movies, music or television. You want to see this action movie, she wants to see that romantic comedy. It is utterly blissful to share the same taste in movies where you both want to see the action movie and maybe even the romantic comedy – it just adds excitement and passion to the relationship.
  4. If your partner tells you when you are in the wrong and full of sh*t never let them go. There’s a reason why they say honesty is the best policy. Your partner shouldn’t be scared to say what they think and call you out on your wrong-doings.
  5. If you have trust in your relationship, your on a good track. Without trust it’s not going to work out. Build on it, keep adding to it and respect each other – trust is a hard thing but when it’s there you will be in the smoothest relationship of your life. Drama and stress free.
  6. If he or she can calm you down when you are in a mood or mad, you’re in the right. There’s nothing like someone who keeps adding fuel to the fire. Eventually you will explode. But if your partner knows how to calm you down, just go on and get married whenever. It’s a good quality to consist of in a relationship.

Source: The South African


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