IAB South Africa Bookmark Awards 2017: Celebrating Emerging Technology in Africa

IAB South Africa Award

The IAB SA Bookmark Awards recognise best-in-class digital work in South Africa. As the definition of digital rapidly expands within today’s marketing climate, the Bookmarks seek to promote and award the country’s digital pioneers in the Emerging Technology category.

John Dixon, Jury Chair for the 2017 IAB SA Bookmark Awards says, “The Bookmark Awards have always tried to evolve the categories of entry to reflect the emergence of new technologies into the mainstream digital conversation. We’re excited this year to confirm new categories such as Programmatic Media, Virtual Reality and Internet of Things.”

The Programmatic Media category recognises new ways of buying and optimising media spend through the algorithmic purchase and sale of media space. The judges will be looking for advanced targeting, cost-effective campaigns using platforms like Xaxis that achieved exceptional results.

In the Virtual Reality category, the judges are looking for immersive, 360-degree campaigns that tell a powerful story to promote a product or brand. The Emerging Technology category also acknowledges the way Chat, Messaging and Dark Social is changing the game, and will celebrate campaigns that have successfully used chat, chat bots and messaging platforms (dark social) to achieve a marketing or communication result.

In 2017, the Emerging Technologies category would not be complete without reference to the Internet of Things. As communication begins to extend beyond our smartphones and computers, this category will feature the successful use of atypical internet devices such as the Apple Watch or Apple TV to achieve a marketing or communication goal.

The category also features some familiar sub-categories; Digital Installations and Activations, as well as Customer Experience Design providing exciting opportunities to showcase fresh talent. Digital Installations and Activations will award the best use of digital technology to engage audiences in an out-of-home or events setting. Customer Experience Design will celebrate successful digital customer journeys, including point of sale or online service channels.

Josephine Buys, CEO of the IAB SA concludes,

“Winning a Bookmark Award in your chosen category provides instant credibility and exposure within the industry. We encourage all those doing great things within Emerging Technologies to enter their pioneering, market-leading work.”


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