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How To Reduce High Starch And Calories When Cooking Rice


For thousands of years, Rice has been a staple meal in every country and in every home. People are eating larger and larger portions of rice, which isn’t good because of the amount of calories it contains.

Since rice is a staple, researchers says it can cut the amount of calories contain in rice. That way, you reduce the amount of starch and calories you consume by 50%.

You see, rice contains two types of starch: digestible and indigestible. The small intestine can’t break down the latter, which means the body can’t absorb the carbohydrates and sugars that come from it.

So researchers found the method, which converts starch into a form the body can’t easily turn to glucose, cut calories more than 10% in the most fattening kind of the 38 varieties of rice they looked at, and they believe it could reduce starch by up to 60% in other kinds of white rice.


The researchers say cooking rice with a small amount of coconut oil—they used a teaspoon for every half-cup of rice—and then putting it in the refrigerator can reduce digestible starch, and calories, by more than 50%, reports Popular Science.

But much more research remains to be done: The scientists plan to look at other varieties of rice, as well as other kinds of oil, and Popular Science notes that it’s not clear whether the cooking method affects nutrients like potassium that are found in rice—or, for that matter, taste.

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