How to Create Styles that Can Change Your Life

1. Willpower (like a battery) -> use it to create habits -> habits can then function without willpower

2. One must have a solid base (physiological foundation) to magnify the spirit (rest, nutrition, exercise)

3. keystone habit -> most influencing habit ; also exchange negative with positive habbits

4. Why? Nietzsche: “One who has a strong why, can endure almost any how”

5. 100% non-negotionable-commitment, get rid of voices in your head that tell you why to relax

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6. the created habit should be used daily, also sucking >skipping

7. take small steps since small wins keep you motivated ( create momentum)

8. never miss a day. -> losing momentum

9. Do not miss 2 days! (most important thing in the daily schedule then) , else -> losing tons of momentum!

10. Embrace the process (1. unbearable 2. uncomfortable 3. unstoppable)



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