How A Robber Became A Victim Of crime

It is apparently “raining money” in Bonteheuwel after gang members allegedly robbed a thief who had raided R300 000 from a petrol station moments before.

The hapless robber was part of a gang of six who held up staff at the Engen garage on the corners of Jakkalsvlei and Kiaat Way on Tuesday.

The gang stole R300 000, but two of them were caught with R22 500 in their possession.

A witness, 37, who tried to stop the gang, said he saw members of the Junky Funky Kids gang holding up a robber at gunpoint, and taking his gun and his loot in Firethorn Street.

The man explained: “I ran after him and he fell to the ground and his gun fell out.”

He said the alleged thief tried to shoot him but had run out of bullets.

“As we entered Firethorn Street, we ran into a group of Funky gangsters and they asked me ‘what kine (what’s wrong)?’

“I didn’t know they had guns and the next moment they got hold of [the thief] and grabbed the bag and threw it into a dirtbin.”

The man said stacks of R200 and R100 notes fell out of the bag and the alleged gangsters started grabbing it.

“One of them placed a stash inside his floppy cap and ran away and gave it to a woman,” he said.

Staff at the garage, who asked not be named, say they were also informed of the money circulating in Bonteheuwel: “People said it was raining money after the robber was robbed.”

But residents say they are not “benefiting” from the stolen money, only gangsters.

One woman said: “We heard it was money from the garage robbery.”

She added wistfully: “Ons het niks van die geld gekry nie, maar jinne, ek wens ons het. (We didn’t get any of that money, but I wish we had)”

Police on Wednesday confirmed that a third robbery suspect has been arrested.

The man was followed to Langa and was found with the getaway car, a red Ford Lazer, as well as a firearm.

Cops say more suspects are still at large.

Police spokesperson, Constable Noloyiso Rwexana said: “There have been no new developments.”

Source: IOL


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