How A Resort Owner In South Africa Asked Black Teen To Leave Pool In Respect For Whites

The holiday resort owner in Modimolle. Limpopo, who asked an African teenager to leave a swimming  pool “from regard for other people” has signed a public apology.

Johan Gresse, the owner of Klipspringer Guest House and Caravan Park, signed the apology acknowledging his actions were “ill-informed”, after entering into a conciliation agreement with the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC).

“I accept that my actions were ill-informed, and that I may have impaired the dignity of the child,” the letter reads.

“I will work to regain the child’s trust and accept the recommendations of the Commission herein and undertake from this day onwards to address the concerns raised vigilantly and appropriately so as to prevent any similar occurrence in the future,” Gresse said.

On December 31, the teenager’s white foster mother left him and her son to pick up her husband in the nearby town. The teenager was asked to get out after boys went swimming in the pool.

One of the owners, Elsabe Gresse, said the parents should have informed them that the two boys were with them. She said they asked the teenager to leave the pool was because children were not allowed to swim without their parents present.

The SAHRC recommended that Gresse host activities at the premises to promote social cohesion between people of different races and cultures.

The agreement requires Gresse to report back to the SAHRC quarterly on progress made in implementing the recommendations.

Source: African Globe


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