Hot Romance!! 5 Special Spots On His Body He’s Dying For You To Kiss (Besides His Lips)

It’s easy to neglect some of these special spots, since we often want to get to the main attraction….. you know what i mean! But why not take it a little slower, take some extra time to get his entire body tingling?

So where good spots to kiss (besides his lips)? Let’s work our way down the body, shall we?

1. His ears

Ears are a secret gold mine. They’re actually considered to be the most sensitive erogenous zone for men after the scrotum. Nibble away!

2. His nipples — yes HIS nipples

Don’t shy away from these. While nipples are often more associated with women, hence the heavy censorship of them, they can also be a highly erogenous zone for men. Like with women, the sensitivity can vary, but don’t discount it without trying! Just know that not all guys are into this.

3. His neck

This may not be the money-maker, but it’s a nice side show! It can get his blood pumping, which is exactly what you want. (Personally, I love necks. They smell and taste so good!)

4. His spine

The spine is highly sensitive to touch and requires a lot of care. To send a thrill up his spine, trace your fingers along it, or kiss along. The lower back is especially sensitive, so feel free to linger in a few spots.

5. His pubic-bone area

Essentially, the area around his penis. This is easier if he’s done some man-scaping. Gently nibble, lick, and generally tease all around this area.

6. His inner thighs

This has a similar effect of teasing while stimulating. You can handle the inner thighs similarly to the pubic-bone area. It’ll put your man in a vulnerable position, but that’s one of the beauties of sex and foreplay.


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