‘Homeless’ Penny Sparrow Unable To Pay The R150,000 Fine Imposed On Her For Racists Comments

Retired real estate agent Penny Sparrow, who sparked public outrage by posting racists comments to Facebook, is reportedly unable to pay the R150,000 fine imposed on her by the Equality Court for hate speech.

According to a report by The Sowetan, Sparrow has gone to ground and can only be reached through her daughter, Charmaine Cowie, who is speaking on her behalf.

Sparrow sparked public outrage when she posted on Facebook about a holiday, in which she called the large groups of black South Africans on the beach “monkeys”.

She was reported the South African Human Rights Commission and was charged with hate speech in the Equality Court.

Sparrow did not appear in the equality court to defend herself, because she “feared for her life” after receiving threats from anonymous sources. The Court imposed a R150,000 fine on Sparrow, which should be paid to the Oliver and Adelaide Tambo Foundation.

However, Cowie said that her mother simply cannot afford the fine, after suffering a heart attack after her Facebook posts went viral.

Sparrow is also ‘officially’ homeless, as she is currently living with Cowie. Sparrow is a divorced pensioner, Cowie said, meaning there is simply no money for her to pay the fine.

The Equality Court ruled that Sparrow has 60 days to comply with the ruling and pay the fine. She is also restrained from publishing or propagating any hate speech in the future.


Source: Business Tech


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