See What Home Affairs Says About Visitors From The UK

Despite complicated visa rules causing much consternation, The Department of Home Affairs reports that it has seen an increase in visitors from the United Kingdom coming to South Africa.

“Our data systems for recording arrivals and departures at ports of entry show a notable increase of 3% for UK travellers to SA between 01 November and 23 December 2015,” said spokesman Mayihlome Tshwete.

Home Affairs say that over 82 000 visitors had come to South Africa from the UK during this time period, compared to less than 80 000 last year.

Of those figures, 8745 arrivals recorded were minors, compared to 8508  last year.

There’s been an outcry from some quarters about the new regulations which stipulate that foreigners wanting to visit South Africa, should apply for visas in person at South Africa embassies abroad.

Parents and guardians travelling with children, must also provide copies of the minors’ unabridged birth certificates, showing both parents’ details.

source: southafrica.com


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