Hilarious: England’s Moeen Ali Gets A Big Fright From Crocodile (Video)

All-rounder Moeen Ali, who tormented the Proteas a few months ago, was feeding ‘Buddy’ the croc when this happened…

It’s just over a week to go before the Ashes between Australia and England starts.

As has become common in the build-up to this legendary rivalry, the Aussies are trying to exploit every little mental weakness their opponents might have.

Moeen Ali will definitely be one of those players given how valuable his all-round abilities are to England.

Moeen Ali takes comfort in a fuzzy koala. Photo: Getty Images.

Moeen Ali takes comfort in a fuzzy koala. Photo: Getty Images.


Following a visit to a crocodile farm in Townsville, situated in Northern Australia, Ali might’ve unwittingly given the Aussies some ammunition.

He was busy feeding one big bugger named “Bully” when the croc snapped at him and got a big fright.

It was an understandable reaction but you can bet the Aussies will interpret that as a sign that Ali will be nervous on the field of play too!


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