Here’s Why Teasing Your Partner Is Great For Your Love Life

happy relationship

If couples are free enough with each other to the point of engaging in light-hearted teasing, they can broach topic that might otherwise keep bottled up.

According to a professor of psychology, Dacher Keltner, it is quite impossible for two persons to be in a relationship without pissing each other off once in a while.

By teasing each other, though,  you could access an avenue through which you vent frustration in a loving, affectionate way while actually strengthening your bond.

Prof. Keltner says, “happy couples tease a lot when they’re in conflict and they tease in these really goofy, lighthearted ways… they tease in ways that allow them to express issues of conflict, but in a cooperative and pleasant way. It predicts how long they’d stay together.”

By teasing, you playfully point out the issues in your relationship and
avoid potential fights and arguments.

Surely, the difference between teasing and mocking has to be pointed out.

By teasing, you playfully point out the issues instead of approaching them in a manner that could potentially degenerate into something worse.

Making fun of your partner without backing it up with positive affection can just come off as mean.

If, however, you and your partner already tease each other, you can feel comfortable knowing there’s an advantage to be gained from it.


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