Here’s How You Can Help Jacob Zuma Pay Back The Money For Nkandla

Jacob Zuma refuses to address Vuwani
Jacob Zuma

A “no-fee platform for human goodness” called, Generosity by Indiegogo, is asking members of the public to donate money to help President Jacob Zuma pay back the money he owes for his Nkandla homestead.

The campaign was launched on 1 April 2016, a day after the Constitutional Court ruled Zuma “inconsistent with his obligation to uphold and defend the Constitution as supreme law”. The Court ordered the National Assembly to determine “the reasonable costs that Zuma must pay for the upgrades” and now, this campaign is here to help – hoping to raise $1,000,000 (about R15 million).

Donation levels include:

  • 5$ Chicken for the chicken run. The website reads: “there’s nothing more depressing than a chicken less chicken run. We cannot let it happen.”
  • $10 for a FirePool noodle because “we know Jacob Zuma has a large family, and that can only mean one thing – a lot of pool noodles for the firepool.”
  • $50 for Binocs for the amphitheater because “straining your eyes can cause ocular problems. Can you live with yourself knowing that?”

According to the campaign there’s only 104 days left to raise enough money to help, so they are asking if citizens could please be generous. “Please help us to raise as much money as possible for him, because it’s not like there are any other people, or families, that could help him maintain his moderate lifestyle,” reads the website.

After the donations close, the users can vote on how much money should go to Zuma and how much must go to a local home for HIV-positive children, who have been nominated as beneficiary.

Source: The South African.com


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