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Here’s How to Celebrate Christmas as Newlyweds

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How do the make the most of your first Christmas as a couple? How do you turn all your relationship fantasies into a reality that will linger on forever?

As if spending your honeymoon is not enough, it gets merrier when you celebrate Christmas together as newlyweds.

How do the make the most of it? How do you turn all your relationship fantasies into a reality that will linger on forever?

Cook together

Couples who cook together, stay together. Money, communication and the quality of your sex life are the most common factors of divorce.

But did you know that how you cook could keep you together or tear you apart? As Christmas approaches, find a sumptuous recipe you both love, have always wanted to try and prepare it together. Light candles, add some red wine and throw in some dessert to sweeten an evening of love and bonding.

Incorporate a Christmas tradition

Find a Christmas tradition that matters to each of you. Start off your new Christmas together with a lovely and memorable tradition and tweak it to enhance your own love story.

Spend time together

Christmas is the perfect time to make up for all the lost time you spent working away from your partner. While spending time with extended family is important during the festive season, so is having an alone time with your spouse. It is an important condition for growing your new relationship.


Be adventurous during the holidays. How? Pack light and embark on a fun-themed trip with your partner. While at your destination, try something new: especially a wild sex position or sex at a venue where you’ve never had it. This helps to relieve stress as couples tend to sleep sound after such hectic sexual encounters.

Also, engage in a new hobby: paragliding, swimming, hiking – anything that is fun and involves some exercise.


Christmas is the season of love and generosity. Give back to the society, alma maters and religious organizations. Giving is a big part of what makes us human.


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