Here Is The Secret To Finding Love

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To find love, show your emotions.

The secret to finding love could be wearing your heart on your sleeve.

A study found that people seem more attractive if their emotions can be read on their faces.

Researchers ran experiments in which volunteers were shown pictures of six women and asked how attractive they found them. The participants were then shown videos of the women pretending to be frightened or sad and were asked to describe the emotion.

The more certain a volunteer was about what a woman was thinking, the more attractive they thought she was. Finally, scans showed that when they believed they were on the same wavelength as the women, the part of the brain responsible for the buzz we receive from everything from chocolate to cigarettes lit up.

In other words, the pleasure we get from working out what someone is thinking may make them seem attractive.

Writing in journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers at the University of Tuebingen said mental attraction is as important as physical attraction.

Source: IOL


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