Healthy Eating: 8 Healthy Summer Dinners

Summer is officially upon us which calls for light, easy dinners that fit into a healthy eating regime. With all the diets around these days, it’s hard to know what we actually should be eating, but one thing’s for sure, balance is key.

The following recipes are all about balance, with some healthy wholegrains like sorghum, a bit of seafood, superfoods like beetroot and avo, and of course a little cheese.

Here are 8 dinner recipes that are made only from the good stuff – filled with nutrients and flavour, giving that get-up-and-go feeling!

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1. Falafel with freekeh tabouleh salad and a yoghurt tahini sauce – vegetarian

falafel,recipe,pass the salt


2. Sorghum Summer salad – vegetarian

Sorghum salad,food24,summer


3. Healthy halloumi and millet salad – vegetarian



4. Paprika chicken with chickpeas and fennel


5. Low carb fish tacos

low carb,fish tacos,food24

6. Cumin-roasted cauliflower with prawns – low carb

cumin prawns,low carb

7. Baked Panzanella with grilled fish – opt for sweet potato bread if you’re avoiding wheat or gluten.

8. Beet, avo and pea salad – vegetarian and superfood

heainstirred,beet salad,peas,recipe

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