Government Establishes Fund To Aid South Africa Filmmakers

President Jacob Zuma says government has established the Black Emerging Filmmakers Fund which aims to assist in bridging the inequality gap for filmmakers in South Africa.

He said in the next few months, the Department of Trade and Industry will bring two bills, the Protection of Intellectual Property Bill and the Performer’s Rights Protection to parliament.

These bills will, among others, improve the royalty collection, promote fair compensation for the re-use of works and regulate local content.

Addressing the National Assembly, he added government is also working closely with the National Film and Video Foundation to ensure that better structures and systems are put in place to make the South African film industry a global competitor.

“The long standing dispute on needle time payment for musicians has finally been resolved. The task team has met with the various collecting societies together with the SABC, to develop a process that will lead to the full payment of all outstanding monies to the relevant beneficiaries,” adds Zuma.


Source – sabc


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