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Genius! Meet 17-Year-Old Boy Who Emerges Top Matriculant Of The Class Of 2016

Weisz‚ 17‚ of Greenside‚ Johannesburg‚ achieved 100% in both Mathematics and Science‚ and over 94% for all of his nine subjects. He was the top performing pupil at St David’s Marist Inanda.

Speaking to TMG Digital just hours before departing for London with his father‚ he described the 2016 academic year as “very intense” and demanding .

“We only had three terms. The first two terms were for school-based assessment and the third one was for exams. The final mark is made up of 25% school-based assessment and 75% final exam marks. But the… assessment is more demanding time-wise.

“You have tests and assignments for all your subjects day after day. It is very hectic‚” said Weisz.

“Once the exams come it is better‚ because you are not attending any classes and just focused on preparing for the exam.”

His secret was planning.

“I usually plan two or three months in advance. I work out when I am going to study for which subject because time management is very important.”

Weisz also had to find time to play sport. He was in the school’s first team hockey squad‚ which is a winter sport and “hectic”.

He also played cricket in the first term. “The sport gives you the balance. It helps a lot. If you just stay in your room all day‚ it is very hard to manage your studies. The sport gives you that break. I also enjoyed it‚ which balances the demand of school work‚” he said.

A typical school day started at 7am and ran through to 2.30pm. Then it was time for sport till about 5pm.

When he arrived at home he watched television to relax and then began with his school work. But he made sure that he got enough rest and went to sleep at about 10pm.

“I do not do power naps. I sleep well at night. I do not go to bed very late.”

Despite getting As in all of his subjects‚ Weisz said he struggled with some of them‚ particularly English and Afrikaans. “I had to put more effort into them because I find them tricky. I am a Maths person… I put a lot of work into English‚ Afrikaans‚ History and Science.”

During his exam preparations‚ he made sure that by the time of writing each paper he was well prepared and confident that he would pass.

Weisz attended primary school at the famous Parkview Primary. It is where he earned a bursary to attend St David’s.

He is yet to decide on a career path‚ but is considering computer science‚ actuarial science‚ commerce and statistics.

The IEB declared itself “proud of the achievements of the Class of 2016” after its candidates achieved a pass rate of 98.67% – marginally up on last year’s 98.3%.


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