Gauteng Launches Online Registration For Schools

The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) began its first ever online registration for schools places in Gauteng on Monday.

The Department said it opted for an online application process because it was convenient, easy to access and enabled planning and fair distribution of learners across the province’s education system.

“Starting the admission process early is crucial to ensure allocation of resources, such as learning and teaching materials; furniture, human resources; and infrastructure,” said the GDE.

The GDE urged parents to first register and verify their details and then apply for places for primary school places for next year. Online applications for places in Grade 1 to 8 for the 2017 academic year start on Monday 11 April 2016 and end on 7 September 2016. The department said that this process would enable teaching and learning to commence on the first day of school in 2017, as well as allow schools to have sufficient time to prepare timetables, recruit teachers and where necessary arrange nutrition and scholar transport.

The application process will proceed in three phases, which include registration and verification of details from 11 April, the application period which will start on 19 April and last till 1 June, then finally placement which will begin on 24 June and end on 7 September.

“Parents who are relocating and would like to apply for the in between grades (Grades 2 to 7 and Grades 8 to 11) must consult with the school to verify availability of spaces,” said the department.

“Spaces will be confirmed pending the current learner enrolment, learner retentions in each grade and in line with the capacity of the school.” However, the department said online applications can not be made for Grade R and schools for learners with special educational needs.

African News Agency (ANA)


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