For Fully Endowed Guys: Best S3x Positions For Guys With A Thick D*ck

While studies have revealed that a lot of women would prefer an average penis in size to big one, there are also ladies who love this because it gets to hard to reach places.

Quite funny, isn’t it? It’s true that a thick dick can get to those places you need it to without even trying so hard.

There is a challenge also, and the challenge is that its not doable with all the sex positions, its better with some positions better than the other

Here are a list of position most suited for a thick penis, as compiled by Jill Hamilton, Cosmopolitan

1. The edge of heaven

Start this position by let her prop herself to the edge of a surface probably a counter, if you’re a short dude, try for a closer to ground surface, and for taller guy, you can use a kitchen counter or the dining table. Let her wrap her legs around your waist. This position is semi-unbalanced position that is risqué. It’s so interesting.

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2. The Fortress

If the dick is long and wide and your partner is on the small side, a petite frame. Let her lie on her belly, spread her legs a bit. Penetrate her from behind, kind of laying on her, the sleeping position doggy style. You can brace yourself off her a bit with your arms so all of your weight isn’t on her.


3. The Banana split

Let him kneel on a cushy arm chair, facing the back, the she sits on his laps, draping her legs over each arm of the chair. He should make himself steady with his arm, he’ll need his thigh muscles to move, its quite difficult and very worth the try.



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