Free Things To Do In Cape Town

We all expect to spend money while travelling but sometimes it helps to have a cheaper day out. One of the great joys of Cape Town is that there are plenty of ways to entertain yourself without spending anything at all. Be warned however – you will need comfortable shoes and iron will power. You are in for a lot of walking and severe temptation.

Go to the beach
The Cape Peninsula is lined by beautiful beaches.

Apart from the cost of getting there, there is only the cost of suntan cream and the occasional drink. Obviously swimming is a summer-only activity but year-round the Indian Ocean water is far warmer and more gentle than on the wilder Atlantic coast. Clifton Beach is probably the trendiest in town, Camps Bay the most beautiful.

Sandy Bay, near Llandudno, and a fair hike from the car park is the official nudist beach.

Window shop round the markets
Whether this one stays free depends entirely on your willpower. Cape Town’s markets are all about shopping but they are also amazing places for people-watching, so leave your valuables at home, grab your camera, and head out for some fun. Best of the lot isGreenmarket Square in the city centre, open every working day, packed to the gunwales and heaving with life and colour. On Sundays there is a less touristy market next to the Green Point Stadium. If you are feeling peckish, the Neighbour Goods Market in Woodstock on Saturday mornings has over 100 suppliers who hand out liberal samples of gourmet food and drink.

Free art shows
The Michaelis Collection in Greenmarket Square and 18th-century Cape Dutch mansionRust en Vreugd both have excellent collections of old masters and are free to enter, although they do ask for donations. As long as you don’t feel compelled to pull out a credit card and ship home a sculpture, some of South Africa’s finest commercial art galleriessuch as Everard Read, the AVA and Michael Stevenson have wonderful exhibitions which are completely free to the general public.

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