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A Flash Back Of Nelson Mandela’s Inauguration Today In 1994

On this day 22 years ago the country’s first black president, Nelson Mandela was inaugurated.
After spending 27 years as a political prisoner and 18 of those years at the infamous Robben Island, Mandela declared, “the time for the healing of the wounds has come.” His inauguration is a milestone that many won’t forget as this day was seen as a new dawn for South Africa and those that live in it.

“Today, all of us do, by our presence here, and by our celebrations in other parts of our country and the world, confer glory and hope to newborn liberty” uttered Mandela.

Famously know as the father of the nation and popular for his dance moves, he showed brilliant leadership skills by putting aside all that happened in the past and bringing together the black and white South Africans.

“The time for the healing of the wounds has come, the moment to bridge the rifts that divide us has come, the time to build is upon us”. Those are the words of Nelson Mandela.

He took in upon himself to forgive those who oppressed him putting all that happened in the past and preaching unity going forward.

Mandela was known also for his undying love for children as well as freedom.

Madiba’s health declined in 2014 resulting in him spending a good part of the year in and out of hospital. He later passed away on December 5th and was laid to rest in his hometown of Qunu, on December 14.
“Let there be justice for all , Let there be peace for all. Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all”.

“Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another and suffer the indignity of being the skunk of the world”. Nelson Mandela.

“The call now is for each of us to ask ourselves: are we doing all we can to help build the country of our dreams?”


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