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Are You The First Born Of Your Family- You Need To Read This!

Being the First fruit of a Family comes with some certain degree of responsibility, apart from parents expecting so much in return, some recent research says more..

First-born children tend to be more intelligent than their siblings, perhaps because they get extra parental attention in early life compared to siblings, a new study finds.

Researchers examined data from 5,000 children who completed reading and picture vocabulary tests every two years until age 14 and found that first-born kids had higher IQ test scores beginning as young as one year old.

The differences in test scores between first-born and other children increased with age, according to further research.

While all children in the study received the same level of emotional support from parents, first-born youngsters were given more parental support with tasks that involved thinking.

But can we really say first born kids are more intelligent because of this simple test?

What do you think?


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