In a development that will lead to savings in cost and an increase in quality for mobile phone users across the continent of Africa, Gateway Communications today announced the launch of interCELL, the first service designed specifically to meet the international requirements of GSM operators on the continent

Gateway Communications is one of Africa’s leading telecommunications companies having maintained a presence on the continent since 1991. Today Africa represents the fastest growing geographic region in terms of mobile phone usage and is an example of how modern technology can be used to benefit the lives of millions across the continent who were previously unable to benefit from the development of the telephone.

While sharing much in common with their fixed lines cousins GSM operators have differing needs and business drivers from their longer established PTT or incumbent relatives. However until this time this has not been acknowledged by the companies seeking to provide services to GSM operators or PTT’s in Africa. International carriers have simply adopted the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that brushes over the different requirements of the market. InterCELL changes that.

The objective of interCELL is allow GSM operators in Africa to deliver improved subscriber revenue, increased efficiency and greater quality than traditionally available. The service is unique to Gateway and builds on their track record of service delivery in Africa and understanding of the local market conditions. Drawing on the concepts of cellular packages the interCELL service is ‘pay-as-you-go’ and delivered free of recurring costs, capital expenditure or set up charges. Users simply pay for what they use.

interCELL connects to an operators MSC equipment and with the addition of an International Gateway (IG) and bandwidth supplied by Gateway Communications, is connected using international circuits back to one of Gateway’s hubbing locations. interCELL customers are instantly able to see improved revenue, profitability and cash flow through the IG connection to Gateway Communications. Peter Gbedemah, managing director of Gateway Communications said: “interCELL is a great leap forward for African GSM operators and we’re proud to be help drive onwards the mobile phone revolution taking place in Africa today.”

– See more at: http://www.balancingact-africa.com/news/en/issue-no-227/telecoms/first-african-gsm-op/en#sthash.wNNakO1h.dpuf


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