Finally!! Newahu Calls President Zuma To Resign

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Cape Town – The National Education Health and Allied Workers’ Union (Newahu) has turned into the main Cosatu-partnered union to approach President Jacob Zuma to resign..

In an announcement on Tuesday, Nehawu’s national official board of trustees (NEC) said it could never again be denied that Zuma’s administration in government was “untenable”, given the socio-political atmosphere in the nation.

In a statement on Tuesday, Nehawu’s national executive committee (NEC) said it could no longer be denied that Zuma’s leadership in government was “untenable”, given the socio-political climate in the country.

“Whilst we believe that no single individual, even as President of the country, can be solely responsible for all the socioeconomic and political ills in our society and whilst we appreciate that Comrade Jacob Zuma has served our struggle well over the years, the organised working class cannot stand idly by and be silent when it is clear that the revolution is taking a disastrous trajectory as it needlessly lurches from crisis to crisis.”

It said Zuma’s decision to resign would be “honourable” and “courageous”.

The union also said the ANC must invoke the precedented practice of the party’s deputy president succeeding the president, backing Cyril Ramaphosa’s claim to become the next party leader.

Nehawu was also unanimous in its condemnation of factionalism within the ANC, as well as the “manipulation and use of state organs for a narrow factional agenda”.

It called for the SABC board to be dissolved and for NPA head Advocate Shaun Abrahams to be relieved of his duties because of his lack of fitness to hold office.

The NEC also expressed concern that the persistent low economic growth since 2009 was aggravating the crisis affecting millions of people living in townships, shack settlements and rural areas.

It said the ANC’s historical electoral base had sent an unambiguous message during the 2016 local government elections that “rampant corruption” and fruitless and wasteful expenditure needs to stop in government.


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