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Fifa Confirms South Africa Paid $10m World Cup bribe

Fifa has confirmed that the $10 million that was redirected to a developmental fund in the Caribbean at the order of the South African Football Association (Safa) does in fact constitute a bribe

In a statement on the Fifa website, the association said it has submitted documents to US authorities in an effort to retrieve the tens of millions of dollars that have been illegally taken by corrupt Fifa members and football officials.

It says that Daryan Warner, Jack Warner’s son had travelled to a hotel in Paris to receive a briefcase with $10 000 in cash from a ‘high-ranking South African bid committee official’ and immediately returned to Trinidad and Tobago to give it to Defendant Warner.

“Ultimately, given Defendant [Jack] Warner’s strong illicit ties to the South African bid committee, the South Africans offered a more attractive bribe of $10 million in exchange for Warner’s, [Chuck] Blazer’s, and a third Executive Committee member’s votes. Warner and his co-conspirators lied to Fifa about the nature of the payment, disguising it as support for the benefit of the “African Diaspora” in the Caribbean region, when in reality it was a bribe,” the document states.

It does not specify who the high-ranking official is.

At the time that this was happening, Jack Warner was a member of the Fifa Executive Committee, was a Fifa vice president and the president of both CONCACAF and the Caribbean Football Union. The document goes on to state that Warner, Blazer and the third Executive Committee member breached the fundamental duties they owed to Fifa, CFU, and CONCACAF and stole $10 million.

“The monies they pocketed belonged to global football and were meant for the development and promotion of the game. Fifa as the world governing body of football wants that money back and we are determined to get it no matter how long it takes,” said Fifa President Gianni Infantino.

source: Destinyman


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