The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Dry Lips

Dry lips are generally dreary, unatractive with the mark it comes with.

Dry lips are usually as a result of lifestyle habits including not drinking enough water leaving the lips dehydrated, smoking and habitually licking the lips (which is a major cause of chapped and dry lips).

Smooth, moisturized and hydrated lips look good, are sensual and appealing everytime and they make a sign of healthy living (in some cases chapped and excessive dry lips could be a sign of underlying health issue).

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This easy, fast and super affordable way works to keep the lips looking good and can be done up to two times a week.


1. Add olive oil with about a teaspoon of sugar (granulated) to form a paste.

2. Make sure lips are c lean (free from lipbalm, lipstick etc)

3. Rub the paste on the lips in gentle circular motion (this removes deadskin on the surface)

4. Wipe this off with a warm towelette/rinse with lukewarm water

5. Moisturize the lips with favourite lip balm/oil

Rinse off the remaining mixture using lukewarm water.

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