Fast Food Meal And It Result on South Africa Kids

beef burger

Because South Africans has a significant weight problem, with around one quarter of the population being obese, most notably among South African women, where 38% are obese, and 70% regarded as overweight, South African children were the third most obese in the world.

One of the biggest contributors to unhealthy eating is fast food, packed with saturated fats, and high carbohydrate and salt content. South Africa has well over 4,500 local and international fast food franchises in the country, with more brands expected to open up outlets in the future.

Previous data compiled by BusinessTech showed that some of South Africa’s worst offenders provided meals that took up half of an adult’s daily kilojoule needs – with some stretching far past that.

These are the worst meals available from SA fast food outlets for your kids.

It keeps me wondering aloud ” Do they enjoy being overweight?

Please share your thought on what you think about the fast food obsession.

Source: Foodiciary



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