Fashion: Here’s How To Find The Right Jeans For Your Body Type

Finding the right pair of jeans for your body type can be a mission and a half!

They either fit perfectly on your thighs, but don’t sit right at the waist.

Purchasing the right jeans is a struggle for women of all sizes, and takes a bit of trial and error.

These celebrity looks will definitely help put you on the right track!

Curvy like Boity

Embrace your curves like Boity by wearing jeans in a stretch fabric. They will hug your thighs and show off what your mama gave you. Loose-fitting jeans can make curvy girls appear bigger than they actually are.


Full figure like Thickleeyonce

When it comes to plus-size girls, one size does not fit all. But dark coloured jeans are usually a good place to start as they can be somewhat slimming. Jeans in stretchy fabric are also a must. But that doesn’t mean you can’t break the rules. Thickleeyonce shows big girls how to look trendy.

Instagram @thickleeyonce

Slim like Bonang Matheba

Women with long legs and a slim figure like Bonang should usually wear jeans with a low- to mid-rise waistline as they will fit their bodies perfectly. But they can also get away with wearing high waisted jeans, which can give a more hourglass appearance. Check out how Queen B rocks the look.

Instagram @bonang_m

Hourglass like Minnie Dlamini

People with an hourglass figure need to find jeans that are cut higher in the back than the front to make sure they don’t expose more than they would like when they sit down or bend over.

Women with this type of figure usually have a small waistline, which means finding the right fit can be tricky. If all else fails, follow in Minnie Dlamini’s footsteps with this stylish look. Use a coat to cover up and accentuate your waist area at the same time. Avoid exposing ‘plumber’s crack’ while looking good in your jeans!

Instagram @minniedlamini
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