Ex-ANCYL Regional Leader Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison For The Murder Of His Girlfriend

Two Suspects To Appear In Court

Convicted killer and former African National Congress Youth League regional leader Patrick Wisani was on Thursday sentenced to an effective 20 years in prison for the murder of his girlfriend.

Former ANCYL leader regional leader Patrick Wisani. (Gallo)

Judge Ismail Mohamed gave Wisani 20 years for murder, one year for assault and one year for intimidation.

The assault and intimidation counts would run concurrently with the murder sentence.

Wisani appeared in the High Court in Johannesburg on Thursday before a packed public gallery.

The court gallery was packed to capacity with members of People opposing Women Abuse (POWA) and Sonke Gender Justice .

No remorse
“The accused’s actions were careless. The accused showed no remorse,” Mohamed said.

“I agree this was not a premeditated murder but rather that you acted in rage and anger.”

Mohamed said the 31-year-old was a first offender and he was also educated.

On November 21, 2016, the court found him guilty of killing Nosipho Mandleleni in their Yeoville home in 2015.

Judge Mohamed had previously said Wisani had beaten Mandleleni like a slave master would beat his slaves.

“This was not two people arguing and someone punched with a fist.”

Wisani’s lawyer, Corne Kriel, agreed that it was a vicious attack, but without the intention to commit murder.

He asked for a minimum sentence of 15 years, part of which should be suspended.

“He should not be thrown away as worthless and not be given any hope. He is still young and can be rehabilitated,” Kriel said at the time.

Prosecutor Faghre Mohamed argued for a minimum sentence of life imprisonment.

“The pictures of the deceased before the court show the brutality of this act. The deceased must have endured excruciating pain.”

Wisani was heartless for allowing her to bleed to death; he was arrogant and had intimidated witnesses, he said.


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