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Eliminate All Poisons From Your Body in 48 Hours with this Weekend Detoxification Diet Plan

Detoxification diet plan

If you’re feeling tired and robbed of energy, or you have dark circles under the eyes, your body must be overloaded with toxins. When toxins accumulate in your tissues, you become more prone to flu and viruses and you may need an immediate detoxification.

A detox program will help you regain your energy and clean your body. The process will also improve the condition of your liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines and lymph system as well as your overall health.

The detox program we have for you includes consuming low-fat food, potatoes, meat and plenty of water. It lasts for 10 days, and should be performed twice a year. If you can’t do it in 10 days, you can perform several weekend detoxifications every year to improve your overall health. For best results, we suggest consuming nettle, birch and dandelion tea paired with a lot of exercise at the gym.

Here’s a great weekend detox plan:



Drink 250 ml. of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning and eat a cup of oat flakes with a teaspoon of linseed. You should also drink 250 ml. of green or black tea, 200 ml. of yogurt and eat half a cup of fresh blueberries.


250 gr. of grilled hake, two cups of tomato or green salad, swiss chard with olive oil and potatoes, a banana and a slice of melon, 250 ml. of water.


¼ of a cup of pumpkin seeds, 250 ml. of water, an apple, 180 ml. of yogurt.


Some integral pastry, 150 gr. of grilled tuna, half a cup of steamed vegetables, 2 cups of salad with olive oil and lemon juice, 250 ml. of water or tea.



200 ml. of almond milk or yogurt, a pear, a cup of green tea and a cup of oat flakes with a teaspoon of linseed.


A grapefruit.


A bowl of vegetable soup, 200 gr. of grilled chicken breast, 150 gr. of pickles, 250 ml. of water.


Beet and carrot salad, some integral pastry, nettle tea.

You must drink 250 ml. of warm water every morning on an empty stomach.


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