Eight South African Dishes With A Dutch Influence

We have covered a number of South African recipes now, and these have been proof of why we call it the rainbow nation. Here are a few recipes held very dear to South Africans, especially to the Afrikaner population because of their Dutch roots.

138705445.jpg - Hugh Johnson (Getty Images)
Bobotie, spiced mince baked with savoury custard, from South Africa.

1.  Beef Bobotie

This dish is a classic of Cape Malay cuisine but also has significant Dutch influence. Recognised as the national dish of South Africa, with so many influences, not just Dutch or Cape Malay, but Bantu as well, this may be the reason why the country is the rainbow nation.

Milk Tart - Gallo Images
Milk Tart (Melktert). 

2.  Milk Tart (Melktert)

This is otherwise known as milk tart and is a very delicate and milky version of a custard tart. It is cinnamon rich with just a hint of sweetness. Fun Fact: 27 February is national milk tart day in South Africa.

2015-03-31-19.22.40.jpg - F. Muyambo
Lamb Potjie with Beetroots. F. Muyambo

3.  Lamb Shank Potjie with Beetroot

Potjiekos is a slow cooked stew made outdoors on a round bottomed cast iron 3 legged pot. This is virtually the African version of the Dutch oven however the cooking technique is different and distinguishes this dish from the ordinary casserole.

Malva Pudding - F. Muyambo
South African Dessert: Malva Pudding. F. Muyambo

4.  Traditional Malva Pudding

Here is another Cape Malay dish with heavy Dutch influence. This is far better than sticky toffee pudding in my humble opinion.

185323210.jpg - Getty Images (Anne Clark)
Homemade chutney. 

5.  Apricot Blatjang

Apricot blatjang is yet another one of those rainbow dishes that can give credit to a diverse number of roots including Indian, Cape Malay and Dutch. It is a chutney made with dried apricots. It is the perfect condiment that goes well with cheese or even bobotie. Is this a chutney, you may ask? Yes, it is a chutney. But not all chutneys qualify as blatjangs  More »

GettyImages_142035201.jpg - Images of Africa
Koeksisters. Images of Africa

6.  Koeksisters

Koeksisters are the most delightfully quaint, yet indulgent pastry with both Cape Malay and Dutch influences. The most renowned version of this doughnut is the Afrikaner version, which is braided and deep fried, then dipped in sugar syrup. Enjoy this with a cup of tea, and I warn you, not everyday!

GettyImages_88161897.jpg - Neil Overy

7.  Biltong

The drying of meats has been practiced by the Bantu people across Southern Africa for quite a long time. But the Dutch settlers put their personal touch onto the national favourite when they introduced modern methods of preservation and biltong spices. More »

513949953.jpg - Núria Talavera
Chicken in Cast Iron Dish. 

8.  Chicken Breast Potjie

Here is another potjie recipe to try. An easy chicken breast potjiekos. Use chicken thigh fillets or legs if you wish to achieve a much saucier result. You can also vary this dish by enriching it with a cup of cooking cream or cream of mushroom soup… or both!

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