Drought Needs All Hands on Deck.

South African President Jacob Zuma has recently said that 2.7 million households would be affected by a drought disaster which has hammered agricultural output, pushed up food prices and increased unemployment.

The ongoing drought is a big problem that needs everyone to work together, President Jacob Zuma has recently said while addressing Parliament.

He said the impact on the agricultural sector was severe. “It will affect us for a long time to come,” he said which would be felt through food price increases. It would also cause rising debt for farmers and job losses for workers, he warned.

He reiterated the government relief programmes to deal with the drought, including the R450 million set aside for building boreholes and improvement of water infrastructure.

Zuma said an additional R498 million had been approved, in addition to R124 million allocated by provinces, to assist farmers with livestock feeds and water.

“The fact of the matter is the drought is here and needs all of us to work together as a country.”

Source: Africanleadership


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