Donald Trump – South Africa is a Crime-Ridden Mess

Donald Trump is straightforward, direct and brutally honest, a man who weighs up a situation and will give you the facts. Perhaps that is why so many people are afraid. There has been a lot of controversial statements about Trump and his displeasure of immigrants, especially Africans. Not so, Trump has consideration and affection toward other races. In a recent video, Trump said, “look at my African-American over here” and raised decent opinions about the man. Therefore, even though he might appear to have a distinct dislike for Africans, Trump does realize that they too are human. However, I would say Trump can judge people’s characters, and it is the evil people that annoy him.

Trump’s views on South Africa are direct, hard hitting facts that people do not want to hear. He knows the situation and years ago made this comment on twitter. “South Africa is a crime-ridden mess – that is just waiting to explode – not a good situation for the people”(December 13, 2013). How true, and it is a dangerous situation, like a ticking time-bomb ready to explode.


The crime is out of control; corruption is rife and bad governance is a reality. South Africa has experienced some of the bloodiest and cruelest crime scenes. Police officers who are exposed to danger most of the time, are less likely to be killed than a white farmer. We cannot forget that the farmers who are killed are done so in a brutal manner.

You will not read about the murders of farmers or most other crimes in the newspapers, and will not see news about crime or protests on the state-controlled television. Is there a reason for the bad news that is never publicized, probably because the government believes it is something that arises out of the country’s apartheid days. Or could it be that the government does not want the world to know how severe the real situation is in South Africa?

Like Trump said, South Africa is waiting to explode and what does that leave for the people. Poverty, crime, exploitation, and devastation that will lead to millions of deaths. Is there any hope for South Africa, well not likely if the situation of crime and corruption are not dealt with swiftly. It would seem as though South Africa is slowly slipping into an abyss of dismay.

Delivery and action is required, not talk and that is about all we get these days, with all the political parties telling the masses that they have a plan. It is always a plan to grow the economy, uplift the poor, educate the masses and hand out free food for a vote. The African National Congress (ANC) have been talking for 22 years without delivering on election promises.

Trump is right; he said it a couple of years ago, and now South Africa is about to explode. Political economist, Moeletsi Mbeki warned us in June last year when he said, “South Africa is a bomb waiting to explode, all it needs is a little match to spark it, and it will go up in flames,”

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