How Men and Women Differ When Buying New Cars

Young couple buying a car
Young couple buying a car image source: blog.kelownainfinitinissan.com

A survey conducted by Gumtree South Africa highlights the difference in men and women when it comes to buying a car.

Gumtree surveyed customers about their car buying behaviour at the time of their last purchase, with 58% of the respondents being female.

While the behavioral traits may differ between the sexes on many aspects, both sexes agree about their favourite brand.

Women’s favourite brands were Toyota (27%), Mercedes (13%) and Volkwagen (12%), while for men, Toyota (21%) also scored highest, followed by BMW (18%) and Volkswagen (14.6%).

Women most often use words like “reliability, maintenance, comfort and affordability” when describing their favourite brand, Gumtree said. Men meanwhile, use words like “power, style, class, engineering, and trust”.

Females most often listed necessity due to increased maintenance costs as the primary driver for purchasing their last vehicle (31.04%), followed by the rising cost of fuel (28.89%) and changing family Needs (26.67%).

For men, changing family needs (33%) was the most common reason given, followed by fuel cost (24.74%).

Women are twice as likely as men to ask their partners which car to purchase before starting their research.

According to the survey, 19.6% of men consider the brand name of the car to be it’s most important attribute, compared to 5% of Women.

One in three (30%) women consider pricing to be the most important attribute, with fuel economy second (25%) and safety third (15.6%).

Only a fraction of individuals considered environmental friendliness to be the most important attribute when considering a new vehicle purchase, Gumtree said.



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