Denise Zimba: Doing The Vodacom NXT LVL Show…

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Denise Zimba is without a doubt one of our favourite South African media girls. The multi-talented beauty dabbles in music, acting, presenting and dancing and it is only a matter of time before her talent makes her an international brand.

The beauty recently shocked the masses when she revealed that she regretted doing two of the three gigs that she did in 2017. On several Twitter posts, the starlet said that she regretted working on Channel 0s Top 5 & Mzansi Magic’s Vodacom Nxt Level, although she did not give specifics, various sources have exclusively revealed to us that the presenter has not been paid for any of the work she did on both shows . See some of the tweets below.

Denise Zimba
Denise Zimba

It is only a matter of time before Denise tells all, we love how fearless she is.


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