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“Dear South Africans, We’re No Longer The Country With The Biggest Idiot As President” – Ntsiki Mazwai Says

Outspoken poet and extremist Ntsiki Mazwai has communicated her attentiveness and concern toward dark individuals living in America, taking after Donald Trump’s stun triumph as the 45th president-choose of the US.

Americans went to the polls to vote for their next president, and as it turns out, controversial candidate Trump won.

The billionnaire businessman came under fire during his campaign for his vile comments about women, his desire to build a wall on Mexico’s border and his attitude towards Muslims and black Americans.

Now, the people who most likely didn’t vote for him woke up to the reality that this man is their new president.

Sharing their shock and concern is Ntsiki, who took to Twitter to plead with Africans to welcome black Americans into the continent, as she feels that “they are going to need us”.


Daughter Of The Soil @ntsikimazwai

Can Afrika start opening up borders for African Americans (except raven simone and stacy dash)? Our brothers and sisters r gonna need us.

In the same breath, Ntsiki said South Africa is no longer the only country with the  “biggest idiot as president”.



Daughter Of The Soil @ntsikimazwai

Dear South Africans…..we are no longer the country with the biggest idiot as president ?????


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