Dainfern Student Creates An Outreach Program To Give Something Back In Respect Of Mandela Day

a stiudent gives out free tea

Tis was more than just mandelas day as  Motheo Llale, a Grade 11 student at Dainfern College started a Coffee, Tea & Biscuit pit stop outside of the school, this was aimed at supporting staffs ,gardners and domestic workers a free cup of love every monday wednesday and friday

“My helper Paulina Tsotetsi, has looked after me since I was 4 months old, I’ve known her all my life.”

“We see the hard work they do for us everyday and this is just a way for us to show our appreciation to the people that do so much for us.”

a stiudent gives out free tea

“We start in the early mornings at 6am and offer a little warm boost after a cold taxi ride”

Cheryl Coetzee, the deputy principal responsible for pastoral care, leadership and outreach at Dainfern College said that Motheo started the entire pit stop by himself, it was a completely self-intiatied project.

“Without funding, specialised equipment or assistance, Motheo just made it happen,”

Dainfern College noticed Motheo’s efforts and invited him to formalise the initiative as one of the school’s official outreach projects. These projects aim to uplift and support the local community.

“Community relations and outreach are an integral part of a Dainfern College education and we are proud of what we achieve annually. How our young men and women discover their futures depends on the humanity of all the lessons we teach them. We intentionally expose our students and staff to people from different cultural backgrounds, religions, nationalities and races so that they develop insight, understanding and tolerance.”

“In the vital area of Social Responsibility, the Foundation supports key initiatives that will help us to increase the impact of our education facility on the world around us.”

Motheo made a formal presentation to the school management, including the manager of the Dainfern College Foundation, Tracey Blyth and they all jumped on board.

“Motheo’s initiative synergises perfectly with the foundation’s activities. After all, our payoff line is ‘multiplying our impact on the world around us’. And that’s exactly what Motheo’s tea and coffee pit stop does. He’s amazing,” said Blyth.

The foundation committed to sponsoring the tea and coffee that Motheo serves, while the school committed to logistical support through the supply of tables and equipment. Motheo’s father has proudly pledged his support and sponsored a gazebo and branding for the pit stop.

Through Motheo’s coffee pit stop, the students of Dainfern College get the opportunity to appreciate the domestic staff who serve them.

“It’s really awesome, my peers at school all want to sign up to help in the morning. It gives them a chance to serve their domestic helpers and give them a little warm boost.”


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